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                                                         services: project / construction management


successful project / construction management demands a detail-diligent approach, proactively managed by professionals who have the experience, skills and technical support each project demands. apc sa's professionals are not only credentialed; they have seasoned, hands-on experience in the construction industry. this experience, gained in the trenches of construction projects across the globe, gives our project teams the practical knowledge they need to effectively manage virtually any type of capital project. apc sa's cm teams include: construction managers, resident engineers, construction superintendents, estimators, schedulers, inspectors, contract administrators and construction claims avoidance experts.


the project/construction management division follows best professional practices based upon recognized industry standards of management delivery. the division includes registered and highly experienced project and construction managers, senior cost managers and schedulers, chartered qs锟絪, civil and mep engineers, architects and landscape architects.


apc sa has been providing project/construction management services to meet the needs of clients interested in obtaining cm services. similar to our agency project/construction management services, apc sa provides full pre-construction services to the owner during the design phase of the project, offering schedule, budget and constructability advice during the project-planning phase.


in addition to providing valuable input to the owner during the design phase, the project/construction management method offers owners the opportunity to begin construction prior to the completion of design. apc sa can bid and subcontract portions of the work at any time, often while design of unrelated portions are not yet completed.

agency project/construction management is a fee-based service that provides you with an experienced and objective advocate that acts in your best interests, guiding you through the construction project from initial concept to final construction closeout.


at apc sa we typically break a project down into four phases: design, bidding, construction and close-out. the services provided in each phase are briefly outlined as follows:


design phase:

throughout the design of the project, we provide the owner with critical information and guidance to ensure that the design matches the owner's original intent, program and budget. apc sa also provides essential input regarding cost, schedule, quality and detail of the drawings.

bidding phase:

apc sa works with the owner and project team to determine the correct number of bid packages for the project in order to maximize participation and competition. once the bidding strategy has been decided upon we work to ensure that the prospective bidders fully understand the bid documents and the construction schedule. we conduct the pre-bid conference with all prospective bidders; the better the bidders understand the documents, the more precise and often lower, their bids will be. apc sa also assists owners in bid evaluation and award.

construction phase:

apc sa manages the construction process, including the work of all the contractors, so that each follows and understands the project design and schedule. we also manage change orders to ensure minimal cost and delay to the project. in short, we manage every aspect of the project to assure quality construction, timely completion and adherence to the owner's budget.

close-out phase:

as construction activities wind down, apc sa锟?remains fully focused on the project. our continued attention during this phase assures that the owner receives all materials, services, and training that is required and desired by the owner.









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