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apc sa's comprehensive program management services can help you keep multiple, interrelated projects in sync, on time and within budget. we help owners, financial institutions, sureties and others reduce the financial institutions, sureties and others reduce the uncertainty and risk in their capital programs. apc sa's program managers review every detail of all projects, set-up objectives, plans and priorities, manage and control the process, and identify and resolve problems.our experienced professionals and technical resources work with the client to define, plan, implement and integrate every aspect of each project. when managing an entire multi-disciplinary program our service improves timing, cost and quality. our client benefits from a single point of management responsibility for planning, design management, permitting compliance, construction management and ongoing operations services. we are also committed to utilizing an innovative, proactive approach to prevent the unforeseeable: delays, scheduling issues, change orders and design errors during the construction process. our management method has a proven track record of delivering in challenging environments whether it is a full-spectrum design/build or security improvements and upgrades.


given the multi-faceted nature of construction, integration is the name of the game. and who you choose to have on your team will be crucial to its success. our consultants have the proven expertise and ability to provide seamless integration solutions for your construction program. we锟絣l collaborate with you to tackle the day-to-day responsibilities, while being mindful of the bigger picture.


apc sa锟絪 program management teams work closely with owners, architects, engineers, and other construction consultants to provide seamless integration between all stages of the construction process. from concept or pre-construction to project closeout, apc sa锟絪 construction and engineering consultants provide proactive problem solving solutions for any construction program.


by assigning individuals with specialized project-specific knowledge, apc sa锟絪 program management consultants serve as an integral part of each project team. apc sa works hard to ensure that projects come in on time and within budget.


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architect/engineer selection

contract risk analysis:

contracts are usually drafted to shift risk down to lower tiered parties. apc sa recognizes this trend and provides analysis and recommendations to attorneys, owners and contractors on how risk can be mitigated. apc sa is equipped to provide ongoing support in assessing a client锟絪 contract with regards to its performance requirements.

constructability reviews:

apc sa performs constructability reviews to assess the viability of a project. constructability reviews are typically performed to determine and improve the construction plans and specifications in order to mitigate on-site problems from occurring. our evaluations consist of safety, quality, productivity, schedule and project cost.

value engineering

cost management

construction bid evaluation

earned value management:

apc sa utilizes earned value management systems to critique and measure a contractor锟絪 forward progress. with earned value management in place, apc sa can assist any owner or contractor in monitoring cost and schedule performance to identify whether a project is behind/ahead of schedule and under/over budget.

we assist our clients in developing, monitoring and measuring the following cost and schedule parameters:

  1. budgeted cost of work scheduled (bcws)

  2. budgeted cost of work performed (bcwp)

  3. actual cost of work performed (acwp)

  4. cost variance (cv)

  5. schedule variance (sv)

  6. cost performance index (cpi)

  7. schedule performance index (spi)

change order reviews:

apc sa analyzes requested and proposed change orders for owners, contractors and subcontractors. whether a client needs a proposed change order priced or validated, we can assist our clients throughout the project锟絪 duration.

schedule oversight:

effective scheduling is imperative to the success of your project. apc sa锟絪 scheduling experts will apply years of experience throughout a variety of industries to assist with setting up preliminary project schedules and providing recurring reviews and updates as the project progresses to allow you to make informed decisions and ensure your project comes in on time. apc sa's program management scheduling services include:

  1. critical path method (cpm) scheduling

  2. preliminary schedules

  3. periodic scheduling updates

  4. planned and as-built schedule analysis

  5. development of work breakdown structures

  6. resource and cost loaded schedules

  7. construction project acceleration

  8. schedule delay analysis and quantification

  9. total float management

  10. time impact analysis

  11. monte carlo risk simulations

  12. "what-if" scenarios

  13. window analysis

  14. collapsed as-built

whether you are an owner or program manager, apc sa's consultants are equipped to supplement your team's expertise and insight in order to ensure your project's success. apc sa leverages the construction industry's most cutting edge technology to deliver value to your project including:

  1. project 4d锟?

  2. constructsim锟?

  3. primavera锟?

  4. claim digger锟?

  5. suretrak锟?

  6. microsoft project锟?

  7. finest hour锟?

critical path method (cpm) scheduling:

apc sa consulting group specializes in providing critical path method (cpm) scheduling and project controls. apc sa锟絪 cpm scheduling and project controls consultants are experienced in developing, analyzing, updating and monitoring project schedules and other project reporting procedures. apc sa customizes our cpm scheduling and project controls services to our clients' specific needs.


apc sa utilizes standard industry scheduling methods and software to develop, monitor, and report the progression of construction projects such that our clients are informed quickly and accurately of project events, potential problems, and corrective actions.


construction project scheduling services

  1. critical path method (cpm) scheduling

  2. program management schedules

  3. preliminary schedules

  4. linear schedules

  5. periodic scheduling updates

  6. planned and as-built analysis schedules

  7. resource and cost loaded schedules

  8. construction project acceleration

  9. schedule delay analysis and quantification

  10. total float management

  11. time impact analysis

  12. monte carlo risk simulations

  13. "what if" scenarios

  14. window analysis

  15. critical chain method analysis

  16. linear schedule analysis

  17. collapsed as-built

total float management:

who owns the float? it is one of the first questions owners and contractors ask in a delay claim or dispute situation. however, contractual provisions and proper monitoring of the project schedule and performance of the parties can answer the 锟絫otal float锟?question prior to the issue arising.


accordingly, apc sa assists its clients with the development of float provisions and monitors its usage throughout the project duration. whether you锟絩e an owner or contractor, apc sa can effectively manage the usage of float to determine how it was allocated.

quality assurance & control:

apc sa performs construction and engineering inspections. our construction management consultants monitor and inspect the construction progress as it develops throughout the duration of the project. we provide the following professional inspection services:

construction inspection services:

  1. constructability reviews

  2. on-site quality assurance and control

  3. construction defects

  4. daily site inspection

  5. project documentation

  6. material testing

  7. project meetings

  8. submittal review

  9. cost estimation

  10. final and substantial completion inspection

leed consulting evaluations:

apc sa performs leed consulting evaluations for clients that desire to meet the u.s. green building council rating system or equivalent systems in other countries. our certified leed consultants will assess your desired level of sustainability and provide recommendations on the following:

  1. constructability reviews
  2. initial assessment of site & project
  3. precertification analysis
  4. project registration
  5. green specifications evaluation
  6. building commissioning assessments
  7. energy modeling
  8. leed documentation & submittals
  9. sustainability evaluations
  10. construction defects
  11. leed cost estimation
  12. final and substantial completion inspection

dispute avoidance and claims mitigation

performance & productivity assessments:

productivity on your construction project directly impacts the amount of time and money required to build it. construction productivity has experienced a steady decline over the past several years while other industries see continued improvements. apc sa consulting group can develop systems to evaluate and monitor your project锟絪 productivity and continually identify areas for improvement. apc sa锟絪 construction productivity services include:

  1. productivity benchmarking

  2. project productivity reviews

  3. productivity monitoring and controls

  4. material and labor cost evaluations

  5. labor and equipment productivity review

  6. material waste and rework analysis

whether you are an owner, program manager, general contractor, architect, construction manager, or subcontractor apc sa锟絪 consultants are equipped to evaluate the productivity and performance your project requires to assist in bringing your project in on time and under budget.









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