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apc is internationally recognized as one of the top project management companies in asia, having completed complex turnkey projects in mainland china, hong kong and saudi arabia.


our formula is simple, we hire the best people, understand our clients?objectives and take ownership of each and every project outcome.  we utilize our experience to deliver project results timely and within budget.  depending on our role, apc抯 mission is to exceed each client抯 expectations.


apc has the experience and the expertise to help our clients deliver their projects on time, within budget, and with the highest quality possible. our future is determined by the overall success of your project.



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many projects are well conceived and adequately financed, going forward with expert designers and reputable construction contractors.  most often, legal contracts are carefully drawn up and quality plans are set in place.  project managers are hired.


however, there is more.  and positively, much more.


apc is an experienced leader in project management.  we follow proven methods to integrate and manage all project aspects, including the intangible ones.  we identify issues and manage conflicts before they become problems.  we focus on the entire picture, establishing priorities and coordinating project participants as needed to ensure quality projects.  apc understands the intricate undertakings that occur during the normal project phases.  we deliver successful engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning projects.


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